Lets Get Crafting Issue 28

I have never bought a craft magazine before but the freebies in this magazine really swayed me! Lets Get Crafting is a monthly magazine that explores a new craft each month and provides you with the tools to get started. This issue, issue 28, they explore crochet and with the magazine you get 8 mini balls of wall, 2 crochet hooks and a wool needle. The magazine is packed with tutorials too! Its £7.99 which I didnt think was a bad price!

The balls of wall come in handy for me showcasing how I intend on storing wool in my craft room :)

Lets Get Crafting Issue 28 How to Store Wool

Hazel x
Sewn Up, Stuck Down


  1. I bought this magazine too, had a great freebie, going to use my wool for granny squares too, when I get round to it, busy with other projects at the moment . happy crocheting!

  2. That magazine sounds brilliant - now where can I find more hours in the day to take up a new craft - I'll just need to stop work LOL. Jaqui x

  3. I love LGC - I designed the hippos and a few other patterns in the mag - have you made anything yet? Love your blog too. Lynne

  4. Wowee thats a claim to fame! I feel honoured with your presence :)

    I havent made anything yt but I'll be sure to butcher one of your designs :)


  5. Hopefully you'll find them pretty straightforward - I love LGC. I've got a couple of designs in issue 31 (due out soon) and I've sent off issue 32 projects today - bit of a headache but got there in the end.... I'd love to see your finished projects xx

  6. hi everyone i love this mag but i realy like to be able to buy more of the wool that in the mag can anyone tell me were i can get some more from thanks christine